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Lux Angeles Studios plain and simply is a full-service production team. From concept to packaging, we are focused on making your vision and projects a reality. Throughout the years, our team has grown by bringing on other like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs, producers, and managers who love the industry and couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything else. We offer multiple RED Camera production packages, can staff your entire film crew, and provide post production services out of our post facility located in Burbank, CA. We specialize in feature films, music videos, corporate content and live-steam events. No matter the project, our goal is to make your vision come true, all while saving you money by providing the gear, film crew, and post services, as an all-in-one turn-key solution.

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Matt Macur

DP/ Colorist



George Lambriodes 

Lead Editor/Photographer



Lenny Vitulli

DP/ Director



Mitch Parks

DP/ Colorist